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Answers About Zilmax®

What is Zilmax?

Zilmax is an FDA-approved feed supplement. It helps cattle convert what they eat into more lean beef1,4,5 that is consistently flavorful, tender and juicy.2,3 With Zilmax, farmers can raise more beef from fewer cattle – and that helps keep beef affordable.1,7

Keeping beef affordable.
Keeping beef affordable.

With nearly one in five U.S. families struggling to put food on the table, we need an adequate beef supply to help keep it affordable. U.S. Farmers grow another 105 semi-loads of boneless beef per week when feeding Zilmax6, helping create a greater supply of beef1 to help keep beef prices in check for all of us.7

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Results of studies answer an industry question and confirm Zilmax safety

Despite years of safe use, a question was raised about Zilmax's impact on animal well-being. Animal scientists from USDA and seven independent universities evaluated the well-being of cattle fed Zilmax in multiple scenarios. Their findings, and an evaluation of the specific incident, reaffirmed that Zilmax had no impact on the animal well-being issue that had been raised. 29

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Listen to Dan Thomson, DVM, PhD, Kansas State University

Is Zilmax safe for cattle?
How is the environment impacted?

Zilmax helps farmers conserve our natural resources8 because they can provide more beef with fewer cattle. Fewer cattle = less waste, and less use of energy, land and water.9

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How does Zilmax impact the environment?
Who benefits from
the use of this
feed supplement?

We all do. Zilmax helps farmers provide beef that is:

  • Flavorful, tender and juicy.2,3
  • An affordable choice for you and your family.7
  • Raised using fewer natural resources.8
Expert opinion:
The safety of beef from cattle fed this supplement.

Listen to Richard Raymond, M.D., former USDA Food Safety Undersecretary.

Richard Raymond, M.D.
Zilmax supports a sustainable beef supply

Zilmax helps farmers raising beef conserve natural resources8, has been shown to be safe for cattle1 and increases the supply of beef available for consumers, keeping prices affordable.7

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Zilmax supports a sustainable beef supply
Is it safe for cattle?

Yes. The FDA, Canadian Food Inspection Authority and other international scientific authorities have approved Zilmax as a safe and effective feed supplement for cattle.1

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Is Zilmax safe for cattle?
We believe in continuous improvement.

A recent FDA Zilmax approval allows cattle farmers a more convenient and efficient method of feeding this supplement.

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We believe in continuous improvement.
How much research has been done on cattle safety?

More than 65 animal safety and well-being studies – evaluating 182,555 cattle – confirm Zilmax has no negative effect on animal well-being.1,10-20

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Which experts evaluated the well-being of cattle?

Animal scientists from the USDA and seven independent universities evaluated Zilmax's impact on the key indicators of animal well-being:

  • USDA-ARS Livestock Issues Research Unit
  • Colorado State University
  • Kansas State University
  • New Mexico State University
  • Oklahoma State University
  • Texas Tech University
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • West Texas A&M University
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Is the quality and taste of the beef the same?

Yes. Consumers like you sampled and enjoyed steaks from cattle fed Zilmax in the largest grilled steak taste-test study ever. The results showed that consumers rated beef from cattle fed the supplement as flavorful, tender and juicy2 – the same when compared to beef from cattle that were not fed the supplement.

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Is  the quality and taste of the beef the same?
Beef quality:
"... consumers found no difference ..."

Listen to Chance Brooks, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Meat Science at Texas Tech University, explain results from consumer taste panels.

Beef quality
Can I expect a difference in tenderness?

No. Most consumers participating in taste panels could not detect a difference between steaks from cattle fed Zilmax and steaks from cattle not fed Zilmax.2

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What impact does Zilmax have on the tenderness of beef?
Where else is Zilmax used?

Zilmax is approved for use in most of the major beef producing countries. Its first use dates back 20 years.

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Is it used in other countries?
Is the beef from cattle fed this supplement safe to eat?

Yes. It's safe to eat the beef from cattle fed Zilmax. More than 30 years of research and development, as well as rigorous testing, support the safety of Zilmax. The FDA reviewed this research and concluded that beef from cattle fed Zilmax is safe.1

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Is the beef from cattle fed Zilmax safe to eat?
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Zilmax has a withdrawal period 3 days prior to slaughter. Not for use in animals intended for breeding. Do not allow horses or other equines access to feed containing zilpaterol. Do not use in veal calves. Not to be fed to cattle in excess of 90 mg zilpaterol/head/day in complete feed. If pen consumption of complete feed exceeds 26.5 lb/head/day (90% dry matter basis), zilpaterol should not be fed in complete feed.

For complete safety information, please refer to the product label.