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Can Expect Difference In Tenderness

No. Most consumers participating in taste panels could not detect a difference between steaks from cattle fed Zilmax and steaks from cattle not fed Zilmax.2

Because beef tenderness is commonly regarded as one of the most important beef quality attributes, multiple universities conducted consumer taste-test studies to test perceptions of tenderness. All of these studies concluded the same thing: Consumers are as satisfied with the tenderness of beef from cattle fed Zilmax as they are with beef from cattle not fed the supplement.2,3,21

In addition to consumer panels, university meat scientists evaluated the beef from cattle fed Zilmax against USDA objective parameters for beef quality. They also concluded that beef from cattle fed Zilmax is consistently within the desirable range for quality beef.6

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Answers About Zilmax®

Zilmax has a withdrawal period 3 days prior to slaughter. Not for use in animals intended for breeding. Do not allow horses or other equines access to feed containing zilpaterol. Do not use in veal calves. Not to be fed to cattle in excess of 90 mg zilpaterol/head/day in complete feed. If pen consumption of complete feed exceeds 26.5 lb/head/day (90% dry matter basis), zilpaterol should not be fed in complete feed.

For complete safety information, please refer to the product label.