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Keep beef affordable

A key aspect of sustainability is keeping beef affordable for a broad range of consumers. It’s all about supply and demand. Based on recent data, when Zilmax was not used, the supply of boneless beef in the U.S. was reduced by about 105 semi-loads per week. That’s equivalent to the amount of beef 4.3 million Americans buy in one week.6

With nearly one in five U.S. families struggling to put food on the table, we need an adequate beef supply to help keep beef affordable. Cattle fed Zilmax help create a greater supply of beef,1 and that helps keep beef prices in check for all of us.7

Listen to Richard Raymond, M.D., former USDA Food Safety Undersecretary, on the role of beta-agonists in raising sustainable beef.

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Answers About Zilmax®

Zilmax has a withdrawal period 3 days prior to slaughter. Not for use in animals intended for breeding. Do not allow horses or other equines access to feed containing zilpaterol. Do not use in veal calves. Not to be fed to cattle in excess of 90 mg zilpaterol/head/day in complete feed. If pen consumption of complete feed exceeds 26.5 lb/head/day (90% dry matter basis), zilpaterol should not be fed in complete feed.

For complete safety information, please refer to the product label.